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Dani and Santana in 5x02


Naya talks about Demi’s lips and kissing talent

Interviewer: How were [Demi’s] lips? Was it nice? Naya: Supple, soft, just reeking of talent.

Madison DeLaGarza’s Bday Project

Hey y’all! 

As some of you know, Madison DeLaGarza's birthday is coming up (DEC 28th) and i really want to do something big for her.

She’s turning 10 and she already has had to go through a lot.

Last year, she saw her sister, Demi Lovato, get into treatment. She and her family had to spent Thanksgiving in a little room in the treatment center. You can easily imagine how hard it must have been for Maddie not to be able to see her sister as much as she wanted to, at such a young age.

You also all know how much Maddie LOVES pets and how sad she was when her guinea pig Lucy died back in August.

Reading through her tweets, you also must have seen all the hate she’s gotten these past few months. No one would come and sit next to her or they would move away from her as soon as they could. 

My point is that Maddie’s year’s been full of Ups ad Downs and I just want to make a video to cheer her up and show her that everything’s going to be okay. She deserves to feel all the love from the fans and all the support. 


That’s why i want to do this video. It’ll be like a Birthday/HappyNewYear kind of video. It’s really all about her feeling all the love. 


To join in, nothing’s more simple: YOU CAN SEND ANYTHING!!! 

From voice recordings to pictures, from videos to letters, everything will be okay.

If you don’t know what to send, here are some ideas:

1) You singing Happy Birthday to Maddie.

2) You wishing Maddie a Happy Birthday and/or the best for this New Year.

3) You saying how proud you are of her.


There’s plenty of things you can do, so GO AHEAD! 



PS: DO NOT TWEET MADDIE ABOUT THIS. It has to be kept a secret till the very end. The only way allowed to tweet about the video for now is using the tag #maddiebdayvid ;)


Hey guys!!

People often ask me the same questions over and over again on Twitter, so i thought i’d just write a little blog with all the frequently asked questions :)

1) Is there going to be Camp Rock 3?

The answer to this first question is no. The whole cast has moved on and went their separate ways. They’ve all got plans and it’d be really hard to get them all together again at the same time.

2) Are you from the Camp Rock cast or crew?

Answer to this is also no. My name is Lex and I’m just a fan from France. I decided to create @CR2News to share my excitement about the movie with other fans :)

3) Who from the cast and their family is following/has RTed/replied to you?

So, i’m gonna answer to these questions in three parts:


Jonas Brothers, Matthew ‘Mdot’ Finley, Anna Maria Perez de Tagle, Daniel Fathers, Shemar Charles, Jasmine Richards, Alan Sacks (Producer), Claude Racine (Dancer), Luke Broadlick (Dancer)


Demi Lovato, Joe Jonas, Matthew ‘Mdot’ Finley, Anna Maria Perez de Tagle, Roshon Fegan, Jasmine Richards, Jordan Francis, Meaghan Martin, Dianna DeLaGarza, Courtney Galiano (Dancer), Sarah ‘Cali’ Francis (Dancer).


Matthew ‘Mdot’ Finley, Anna Maria Perez de Tagle, Daniel Fathers, Jordan Francis, Shemar Charles, Meaghan Martin, Jasmine Richards, Maria Canals-Barrera, Alan Sacks (Producer), Paul Hoen (Director), Regina Hicks (Writer), Claude Racine (Dancer), Luke Broadlick (Dancer), Sarah ‘Cali’ Francis (Dancer), Tallie Brinson (Dancer), Ashlee Nino (Dancer), Alex ‘Shorty’ Welch (Dancer), Jameson Perry (Dancer), Justin DeAnda (Dancer), Emily Grace (BackUp Singer on Tour), Jack Lawless (Musician on Tour).

Behind the scenes of the Unbroken photoshoot 

(Source: demism)

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